WEAR A MASK AND STAY SAFE so we as a country can slow down the spread and protect those vulnerable among us.  Our older neighbors and relatives and those with underlying medical conditions.

We will offer support and consultation by phone or video conferencing at this time.  We are launching Occupational Therapy Telehealth services.  Studies show parents have a high satisfaction with therapy via technology.




What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapists help people live life to the fullest and accomplish the activities they want and need to do in their daily life in the face of challenges, various conditions, or disabilities.  Clients of any age are taught new skills to make their individual activities easier.  At times the occupational therapist will adapt the activity or the environment for the adult/child to reach independence. 

We think of occupation as how one occupies their time and for a child this means that their “job” is to play, learn, complete self-care, be a family member and be a friend.